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Good design is irresistible. Customers understand at a glance what’s on offer and why they need to have it. They’re hooked.

Web development

Business size may not matter but your website does. Don’t get left behind. Take care of your website and it’ll take care of you.

Mobile Apps

Let your customers do the hard work for you. With mobile apps, people carry your business around with them 24/7.

Web Apps

Interact with a world of new customers. Innovative web apps are accessible to anyone with an internet browser.


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About me

Facts about me

A talented graphic and web designer and developer, I’ve been honing my knowledge and abilities since 2005. I bring a rare set of skills to every project: a combination of artistic flair, critical thinking and logical reasoning to get the perfect result every time.

A lover, a sinner and a dreamer, I have a keen eye for details whether it’s the flight of birds, wind in the trees or technical specifications. When I’m not solving problems or creating new possibilities you’ll find me watching movies or listening to music.



My work experience

Since 2002

Freelance web developer

I have helped companies from a variety of backgrounds and industries to create, develop or rebrand their online presence. From businesses with little experience in this field - at the very beginning of the brand development journey - to those with established identities and strong ideas. I not only built or enhanced their online and offline image, but also assisted them in expanding it: bringing them closer to existing customers and attracting new ones.


Web developer at Innobyte

I was involved in more than 350 projects during my six years working for web development company Innobyte in Bucharest. Intensive, challenging and great fun, the experience cemented for me the most crucial aspects of web development. From small company ‘brochure’ websites to online stores with a reach of millions, the focus was always on producing the best solution for the client’s brand, business and customers.

  • Things I’ve never said with Andrei:
    Work harder. Work smarter. Work faster.

    — Mike Watkins, Project Manager at LE

  • Andrei gets more quality work done FASTER then any developer I have seen in the last 10 years.

    — Mark Monciardini, CEO of Actionuser

  • Andrei was a pleasure to work with, he delivered a good-looking and technically very robust website

    — Ben Lynch, CEO of Cleantech Capital Advisors

  • From the start we knew he
    fully understood our ideas and process.

    — David Tobin, Director at Homeland Lettings

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